Adult courses
Training in Aikido Amsterdam’s dojo costs € 42,50 per month. (Including holiday periods, when the dojo is closed). The monthly fee must be paid in full before the first of the month in which the training will take place.
If you pay for a whole year in advance, the twelfth month is free. This one-time annual fee of € 440,00 can be made in September. If you decide to no longer train at Aikido Amsterdam, you must give one month notice in case you pay a monthly fee. No refund can be given if you have an annual membership.

Young members pay € 300,00 per school year (€ 360,00 for two times/week). An invoice is sent each September for the upcoming school year. The dojo is closed during school vacations.

Toddler and Preschool Classes
For Toddler and Preschoolers the rate is € 40.00 per month.  The costs are higher than the rate of the youth classes since we provide more guidance and individual attention during the classes.  The month august is free of payment because of school holidays (the payment is based on a 11 month payment)

When is the Dojo Closed?
There will always be training for adults, as mentioned in the schedule.  However, during the summer vacation and Christmas holiday the schedule is modified.  On the Dutch national holidays the dojo is closed.

The following guidelines apply for youth, toddler and preschool classes:

  • During school vacations there are no classes.
  • The classes end 1 week before the summer vacation, and start 1 week after the beginning of the school year.
  • There are no classes during holidays, including Sinterklaas.

The De Palm building
All Aikido Amsterdam members are required to pay a maintenance fee for the use of the De Palm building. This annual cost of € 20,00 is charged on invoices sent out in September.

Dutch Aikikai Foundation
All members of Aikido Amsterdam’s dojo are required to become a member of the Dutch Aikikai Foundation. The annual membership fee is € 30,00, and includes insurance, internships, Dan level exams and course offerings. The DAF is a member of Aikido Nederland, which is a member of the NOC-NSF.

All payments can be made to ING account number  NL32INGB0751857599, in the name of TGB Dijkman.