Company Training

Aikido Amsterdam offers company training courses that are deeply connected to Aikido principles, Chi Kung exercises and concepts of Eastern Medicine. The emphasis is on working from the body rather than the mind.

Through physical exercises we learn to be more grounded in the body. Our foundation is strengthened. In addition, there is attention to the presence in the room: how do I present myself, and how does it relate to others? The exercises teach us to look forward from a strong foundation and good breathing, together with the other, not against him/her. The environment is used as an aid. Any tension is released and with a smile we look ahead.

“How the way we sit and stand can change the way we think and speak”¬†(Wendy Palmer, founder Leadership Embodiment model, and 6th Dan Aikido)

The training is intended for companies and their employees. The aim is to guide employees to manage stress better, nourish an open attitude and deal with conflict situations. This is achieved by helping participants to feel more centered in their body and bring peace to their mind. The principle we start from is that through physical exercises there is an effect on both body and mind, so that participants gain a broader sense of balance and strength. The training is effective for body and mind and will help participants become less vulnerable. This type of training contributes to a good working environment with satisfied employees and low absenteeism.

The training can be given in blocks of fixed 1 or 2 times per week. The company trainings are given by Tom Dijkman 5th Dan Aikikai Aikido and / or Andra Perrin, Shiatsu therapist, Aikidoka, Chi Kung teacher, dancer and movement teacher.

Aikido Amsterdam Company Training is departing from various principles used in the Leadership Embodiment model developed by Wendy Palmer.

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