Wilko Vriesman (6th Dan) is the technical director of the Dutch Aikikai Foundation, and co-founder of the association Aikido Nederland. He is a professional Aikido instructor and his dojo in Amsterdam is the breeding ground for many Aikidoka both inside and outside of Amsterdam. His method of instruction is mixture of the precision and line work of Christian Tissier, and the inner work of, for example, Hiroshi Ikeda. On movement and expression, he makes it clear what working with and from a solid centre means, while working from a free and open body at the same time.  Vriesmand Sensei started studying Aikido in 1981, and for a short while in 1990 and ’91, he was an “inside” student in the Hombu dojo in Tokyo. He returned to the Netherlands in 1992 and, on the recommendation of Yamaguchi Sensei (†), began training as “Deshi” with Christian Tissier in Paris. Between 1992 and 1999, he travelled to Paris twice a week to train. He started his own dojo in Amsterdam in 1996 and, within Dutch Aikido, the Tissier method of line work. He was subsequently named the technical representative of the Nederlandse Aikikai. In 2001, the Dutch Aikikai Foundation was formed and Vriesman Sensei was named its technical director. The Dutch Aikikai Foundation grew from a handful of dojos in 2001 to 35 in 2004, and more than 70 in 2007, with over 1500 members. The Dutch Aikikai Foundation was officially recognized as the official National Aikido organisation in the Netherlands in 2004 by the Aikikai so Hombu in Tokyo, Japan. Vriesman Sensei became the technical representative of the Slovenian Aikikai Foundation and Aikikai Dubai in 2005. He then focused on expanding Aikido within the Netherlands and unifying the various organizations. This resulted in the formation of Aikido Nederland in 2009. Doshu was invited to the Netherlands to celebrate the occasion. Wilko Vriesman got promoted to 6dth Dan Aikikai in 2011.