Christian Tissier began his Aikido training in 1962 with Jean-Claude Tavernier. He subsequently trained with Nakazono Sensei, developed quickly and appeared to be a talented practitioner.

He earned his 2nd dan in 1968, at the age of 17. In January of 1969 he decided to follow his dream: he leaves to train in aikido in Japan. He thought the trip would take six months, but he wound up staying for seven years. During this time, he worked under the leadership of the best sensei of that period, including Yamagushi Sensei (with whom he’d already formed a bond), Mitsugi Saotome, as well as the late Osawa Sensei, technical director of Aikikai, not to mention Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

While not learning aikido, he studied at the Tokyo School of the Japanese Language and at Sophia University. To earn his keep, he gave French lessons at several institutions.

In 1976, after earning his 4th dan, he decided to return to France. He opened his own dojo in Vincennes (Paris), where he developed many aikido instructors. In 1981 he was approved for the 5th dan from Japan, and in 1986, the 6th dan. He received his 7th dan, from the “comité national des grades interfédéral français” in 1997. Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba awarded it to him personally the following year.

Throughout his career, he also trained in Kenjutsu, and dabbled with kick-boxing. Christian Tissier is well-loved for his aikido, and his personality; he gives seminars throughout the world. He is also very active in events such as Aikibridge, fostering collaboration between various styles.