Tom Dijkman was shaped by his instructor Wilko Vriesman (6th Dan), and by Christian Tissier, whose national and international seminars he has attended many times.
The Vriesman dojo practises the technique and spirit of Aikikai Aikido in accordance with the directives of the Aikikai Foundation (under the leadership of Doshu Morihei Ueshiba of Tokyo, Japan). The Vriesman dojo is next to the headquarters of the Dutch Aikikai Foundation, the heart of Tissier’s line of teaching in the Netherlands.

But there have been several other teachers who have influenced Tom’s aikido, mainly those who he has encountered in his visits to the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo: Hombu Shihan’s Seishiro Endo, Masatoshi Yasuno, Tsuruzo Miyamoto, Hayato Osawa, Shigeru Sugawara, Takanori Kuribayashi, and in particular, Yukimitsu Kobayashi.

Yukimitsu Kobayashi has been invited by Wilko Vriesman via the Hombu Dojo to give seminars in the Netherlands several times.
His aikido is characterized by a clear vision of Aikikai Aikido and thorough ukemi (partner) training, in which the undertaking and maintenance of full contact lies central.

In addition to the above-mentioned Hombu Shihan, Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan from Boulder, Colorado, USA, deserves to be mentioned. Ikeda’s approach is working with a very solid centre in which movement is internally central.