What is Aikido…

Aikido is a Japanese Martial art. Aikido focuses on the defense while maintaining your physical and mental integrity.  In Aikido you learn to remain centered, while being attacked by the partner. Within a technique / exercise you engage in physical contact with your partner keeping an open mindset.  The purpose is to get your partner off balance and neutralize him/her.

Every person is different, so you learn how to cope with different partners.  You learn attacks, rolls, falls, and how to manage pressure and resistance from yourself as well as your partner.

The training in dojo Aikido Amsterdam is dynamic and physical, with an emphasis on connection with the partner.  Aikido can be trained by anyone: young or senior, man or woman; aikido is for everyone.  The only commitment is to challenge yourself to grow physically and mentally.  This way you can reach the best balance within your own physical and mental boundaries, and keep your personal development at the core of your training.

Tom Dijkman (45) provides the classes.  Tom is practicing Aikido for over 20 years and he keeps developing his practice by traveling to Japan once a year for the inspiration and the training.

Everybody is welcome in the classes, there are no specific expectations lined-up, other than those you came up with yourself.  In your own tempo, departing from who you are, you enter your Aikido quest. You learn step by step to do the techniques, to have a good stand, fall, roll and defend yourself under increasing pressure

Youth & Kids Lessons

In addition to the youth and kids lessons, we have preschool and kindergarten groups classes. These classes will be characterized by extra individual attention for the kids.

Youth and Kids class on wednesday. All kids between 3-6 years old are welcome. Class will start at 13.45 at the Wenckebachweg 6V5

Youth and Kids classes on friday. All kids between 3-6 years old are welcome. Class will start at 15.45 at the Palmstraat 34

We also offer kid-parent classes, where you get a chance as a parent to learn Aikido together with your child.

Trainings Time Youth Palmstraat

  • Monday:  15.30-16.30 Kids 6-10 years old
  • Monday:  16.45-17.45 Youth 10-14 years old
  • Friday: 15.45-16.45 Toddlers 3-6 years old
  • Friday: 17.00-18.00 Kids-parents lessons

Trainings Time Wenckebachweg kids

  • Wednesday: 13.45-14.45 Toddlers 3-6 years old
  • Wednesday: 15.15-16.15 Kids-parents lessons

The kids-parent lessons are for kids as of 7 years old


Company Training Aikido

Aikido Amsterdam provides company training whereby the focus is on working from the body rather than from the mind.

Through physical exercises we learn to feel more grounded in our body. Our foundation is strengthened.

In addition, we pay attention to presence in the space during the sessions: how do I present myself, and how is this presence in relation to others?

The exercises teach us to work from a strong base with good breathing, not against but together with the other. The environment is used as an aid. Any tension is released and with a smile we look ahead.

Click here for more information on the Company Training

Combat Games 2013

Tom Dijkman, Lijnie Rijers and Frank Groenen represented the Netherlands on the 2013 World Combat Games in St Petersburg, Russia.  The Combat Games included team demonstrations per country, as well as joint demonstrations per technique with country members mixed.  In this movie you will see a demonstration of the team Hanmi Handachi Waza led by Tom Dijkman with members of different countries.  The Combat Games also included demonstrations of the Shihan Ulf Evenas, Christian Tissier en Tsuruzo Miyamoto.

  • I am continuously inspired by Aikido in all its diversity. And I hope to keep inspiring people with a combination of physical work, mental resilience and spiritual depth.–Tom Dijkman, Aikido Amsterdam